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Are you looking for a place to stop for a quick run, jog, or hike while on a long drive without going more than fifteen minutes or so off the interstate or highway? Start your search here.

I drive all over the country for work and am always looking for parks or places right off the interstate to take a quick jog or hike. On this site I'm compiling a list of places I've found. Most of the trails are within fifteen minutes of a major roadway. Bear with me as the list grows, and if you know a good spot a few minutes off an interstate feel free to drop me an email with the location, exit, and webpage if there is one. 

To find a trail, go to the page for the state you are interested in. Trails are listed according to which interstate they are on, interstates are listed in ascending numeric order. Listings go from North to South,

East to West. (only I messed up a couple and am working on it) If, like I-64/I-77, the interstate is going all four compass directions at once, the list is North South.

Non-interstate roads are listed after interstates.

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